J-Bone’s tribute to the works of DH Lawrence

J-Bow is a performer – dancing, singing, acting and pretending, telling stories, all flavours of performative business.

But LEGO architecture aside, he isn’t really one for painting or drawing – or at least, nothing recognisable, nothing figurative. So it feels a bit of a milestone that he has drawn a picture of something that actually has a structure.

This could quite easily be because I stress waaaayyyy too much about mess. He is in fact perfectly eager to work away with paints, pens or crayons. He did some lovely designs (heavily supervised) for various Christmas and Thank You cards we’ve sent out. So, naturally, I worry that I am curbing his sketching and painting bent, choking his creativity by hovering over him with a cloth and a wide range of nervous noises.

However, his fine motor skills are coming along nicely, so the other day we bought him a few colouring pencils. He’s delighted with them – wanting to draw every time we approach the kitchen table. His grandpa’s birthday approaches and so we used the excuse for him to unleash his graphite-based creativity.

I’m still fairly impatient for heads and eyes and distinguishable shapes to emerge, but I’m trying to keep that in check. After a few scribbles in the card, he drew a wide, spiralling red line that filled the front of the envelope and announced it was a rainbow.

Straight to my blog I rushed.

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